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Lobstering and Fishing

Recreational Lobstering

Divers are permitted to catch lobster on board the vessel, when they meet requirements set by the vessel Captain and Crew and the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries.

Divers are permitted to harvest lobster by hand with the additional use of a "tickle stick" only - no other means are allowed.

Crew will always ask to inspect and verify your catch.


Divers must have a current/valid MA State Recreational Lobster Permit in their possession available for vessel crew to see.

- "I have a license, but I left it in my car/truck" - is unacceptable.

Divers must also display required permit numbers on any and all tanks they intend to use while engaging in recreational lobster diving - ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.

The Whiteboard(s)

At beginning of charter in addition to showing your permit to vessel Captain or crew, one or more whiteboards will be made available to passengers on the cabin table.

Divers engaging in recreational lobstering are asked to write their permit number on a white board. Each individual number must be 3" tall by 1/2" inch wide. Please put your first and last initial in parenthesis after your permit number.

Lobster Parts

In the event a lobster loses one of its claws in your catch bag and the break between the claw and lobster is easily identifiable/matches - passengers will  be permitted to keep the claw with the lobster.

No mutilated lobsters or lobster parts other then an obviously matching claw (to a lobster body)  will be allowed on the vessel.

The vessel crew maintains the right to return any or all of your catch to the ocean.

We keep several gauges on board in the event a customer needs to use one.

We do your best too keep banding tools, and bands on board to help you with your catch.


Details coming soon