7 Parker St, Gloucester, MA, USA

(978) 578-3937

owned/operated by Cape ann Charter and Harvest Inc


2019 Spring Diving

The Cape Ann Diver II is still in Gloucester, MA

Poling/Poling - May 18th 800AM Departure

Patriot- May 19th 800AM Departure -FULL

SNL and The Breakers - May 25th 100PM Departure

The Salvages (2 Dives) May  26th- 800AM Departure - HALF FULL

Call (978)-578-3937

Email : Jmorneau1991@gmail.com



Saturdays and Sundays ONLY for half day/special trips

Friday Night Dives - $50 - 1 Tank

Scallop Charters - $90 ->$95

Half Day Charter, 2 dives (tanks not included) - $80

Special Trips/All Day Charters - $115

Dive sites are not guaranteed. - Captain reserves right to change based on weather/safety.

Basic First Aid and DAN O2 on board.

Are you a dive shop?

Contact Jonathan Morneau to schedule the boat.

Release Form - Download or Sign our Digital Version

CAD2 Release Form 2019 (pdf)


Welcome aboard.

Charters on Saturdays and Sundays

Email: Jmorneau1991@gmail.com

Cape Ann Diver II

7 Parker St, Gloucester, MA, USA

(978) 578-3937


Contact the Captain


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